I just spotted this enticing Bezerkeley housing opportunity–move-in ready! (Craig’s List)

25 Aug

A pic is worth a thousand words:

Two, even better! Should I call on it?


Free piano lessons to the purr-fect Berkeley home finder (Part One)

24 Aug

I’d say I’m averaging 6 hours per day looking for the purr-fect Bezerkeley rental. In fact, I just slapped down $325 for an ad in the Daily Californian, only to discover that  the pricey paste-up landed in the Daily CLOG SECTION, about 5 pages into the rag. (Well it’s the Internet version, so it’s still a bunch of mouse clicks to get to a student blog pile-up) Basically, I’m COMPETING with eager beaver brainiacs to find a place in the “right part of town.” Might that  be  Arch, Spruce, Oxford, Bonita,  La Conte, La Loma, Milvia, etc.—or the whole Gourmet Ghetto?–with easy access to.

Did I say “ghetto?”–Apparently NOT  what I associate with certain neighborhoods in New York City, my birthplace.

In so many words,  my reserved box on Daily CAL  with ” CLASSICAL PIANIST, CAT , GROWN DAUGHTER, and PIANO,” is a  threat to the well-being of most landlords, that is,  if I’m  a renter in perpetuity. (No rent hikes for the next—–years) Fill in the blank. Did someone say “rent control?”

Go somewhere else! No Cats, besides!

A realtor friend in the know, tried to head off a housing blunder  by e-mailing ahead of my inquiry.  (It was an in-law set–up  ABOVE ground, just a stone’s throw from the GHETTO)

“Don’t worry, this neat and clean lady is seeking a short-term rental– Has plans to  buy in a year.”

Translation: She won’t get too cozy, or frame her “Home Sweet Home” embroidery on the wall.

And what about the grown daughter?

Not a boon to any rental application–with one exception–If she racked up 60K per annum.

How may other adult children had moved back with their parents as a safe haven from financial disaster.

Did I say “parents?”

In Berzerkeley,  I was on the right side of the  rental candidate curve, having no significant other–gay or straight–but only  if I promised not to PARTY or ransack the place.

Wait a minute! The same  landlord would take a student  over me who partied all night.

No doubt the tenant would  be pot-sniffing at a new location in less than a year. (automatic rent hike!)–while I practiced Chopin Mazurkas by candlelight.

He’d be bound for one of the  Co-ops–like the  infamous Cloyne Court  on Ridge, with communal refrigerators leaking rotten vegetables. (I recalled the sickening aroma when two of my CAL kids lived there)

I’d be sipping a Ginseng/Green Tea sunburst cocktail while listening to Glenn Gould’s “Goldberg Variations.” Who could care less?


In summary, I’m willing to reward FREE, life-long piano lessons to the first home finder who lands me a nice place with the following specs:

700 Sq. ft min.–prefer North Berkeley or Westbrae–not anywhere near Tilden or Wild Canyon.. no Arlington or Kensington.

Must be BART accessible!

Can be a cottage, or  in-law (not underground and musty) that affords freedom to practice without complaint at  designated, civilized hours.

And finally, a cat  and grown daughter must be part of the package without threat of eviction for including them in my living arrangement. For the digs, I’m willing to  pay $1600 per month,  though I’d prefer to shell out $1500.

ME: High Credit score, Excellent refs–former homeowner for 25 years to 2005–immaculate rental history following. Oberlin grad and the rest.


Back to my floating Daily CAL ad that  appears and disappears in a heart beat.

If you spot it on the fly,  click it fast enough to obtain contact info.

But just in case you have eye-hand coordination problems, here’s my e-mail address:  shirley_kirsten@yahoo.com

For bio info, click: http://elcerrito.patch.com/users/shirley-kirsten

Link: (More about my Bizarre Bezerkeley housing  adventure in its colicky infant stage)


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24 Aug

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